Avg. Gas Price Rankings by State: NC 11th Lowest

As reported by AAA Fuel Tracker on September 30, 2022

After several weeks of steadily declining gas prices, AAA reports prices are surging again nationwide. Some states, including North Carolina, are faring far better than others.

According to AAA’s Real-Time Gas Price Tracker, a gallon of regular unleaded gas in North Carolina is $3.317. So while that may not feel like a win when you look at the total after the pump clicks off, it ranks our state 11th cheapest in the nation. A gallon of diesel will set you back $4.634 on average, for the #10 spot.

California ranks most expensive for both fuel types, with an average price of $6.293 per gallon of regular unleaded (almost a dollar higher than the next highest state – Nevada!) and $6.315/gal for diesel.

You can find the full list of rankings by clicking here.

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